An agency that has the full trust of its clients.

Tattoo Communication agency is a multifaceted communications firm that has enjoyed a strong relationship with its clients since 1994. Many of our clients choose us for their external communications needs because of how well we integrate our work into their overall communications strategies.

Tattoo Communication offers a wide range of marketing and communications services, including graphic design, visual identity, public relations, advertising and multimedia.

Over the years, our agency has built a trusted reputation among organizations in various fields:

Why Tattoo?

Our logo is a play on the word tatou, as it consists of a simplistic representation of this South American mammal more commonly known as the armadillo [Cingulata]. Covered in an armour of bony plates arranged in articulated bands, this animal curls into a ball to rest or shelter. Our logo illustrates the particular behavior of this small, friendly animal, who also lent his name to a distant ancestor of the family of the founder, Native American.

Our expertise, dedicated to you.

Our partners

Tattoo Communication surrounds itself with a network of dynamic collaborators who excel in their respective areas of complementary expertise:

  • • Printing
  • • Photography
  • • Direct marketing;
  • • Writing / revision / translation;
  • • Public relations;
  • • Promotional items, etc.

Tattoo Communication uses its talents to develop communication tools that achieve the exact purpose for which they were intended. On the graphic design side, the development of a visual corporate identity or brand image can be followed up with the design of the full set of printed and electronic tools to serve your communication needs. In terms of advertising and public relations, all of the promotional and informational documents that give voice to a campaign (print or electronic ads, posters, flyers, brochures, newsletters, etc.) shine from having been designed and produced at Tattoo.

Furthermore, our team possesses outstanding multimedia skills, whether you’re looking to develop a website or create a presentation on an electronic platform.

By calling on your creative alter ego, you can realize any communication project with confidence.

Your partners for a rewarding collaboration.

The Tattoo Communication team prizes professionalism in all aspects of its relations with clients: flexibility, availability, adherence to budgets and timelines, flawless execution. All of our efforts converge on the success of your project

Youthful yet experienced, highly creative yet disciplined, the Tattoo team remains constantly in tune with evolving technologies and trends. This is what allows us to fulfill our mandates brilliantly, and gives full meaning to our positioning as a creative alter ego.

Mia Morisset

Mia Morisset

Mia Morisset is President and founder of Tattoo Communication (1994). Working for over 25 years in this field, the experience she has acquired is profound and extremely diverse. She is able to discern her clients’ needs with pinpoint precision, advise them judiciously, and propose services that are best suited to them. Mia holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Université de Montréal, a certificate in fine arts from Concordia University, and a certificate in business management from the École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal (HEC Montréal).

Annie Gingras

Annie Gingras
Artistic director

Annie has a bachelor’s degree in visual communication and a certificate in visual arts from Université Laval. She has been Artistic Director at Tattoo Communication since 2004. Enthusiastic, creative, and exceedingly professional, Annie has over 15 years’ experience in graphic design. The projects she undertakes are fully integrated, involving everything from conception to production, and every step of the graphic design process in between.

Corinne Bélanger

Corinne Bélanger
Graphic designer

Passionate, thorough and dynamic, Corinne joined the team of Tattoo Communication in 2015. She is a project manager and graphic designer. Corinne manages the graphics and compliance of projects according to their specific criteria. As a specialist in print production, she also holds a vocational diploma in computer graphics and works in the design field for over ten years.

Each as important as the next.

We are grateful to all of our clients for the trust they place in us and the pleasure we share throughout our collaborations with them. It is a true privilege to be able to count them among our clientele.

  • Académie Montessori
  • Æquo
  • Atria Clinique dentaire
  • Autobus Séguin
  • AVIR Pharma
  • Autorité des marchés financiers
  • BentallGreenOak
  • BioAlto
  • Bucca - santé dentaire
  • Calixa Capital
  • Cape Cove Gestion Financière
  • Casacom
  • Centre dentaire Île-Perrot
  • Clinique dentaire Dr Tabah
  • Clinique dentaire Métro Papineau
  • Clinique vétérinaire Monkland
  • Cliniques Michel Pop
  • Club Laval-sur-le Lac
  • Courteau Communication
  • DaGiovanni
  • DEXAR Société d’avocats
  • Dre Audrey Dubois – Orthodontiste
  • Duke & Co.
  • Dupuis Angers & associés
  • Duquette Construction
  • EDP éclairage | contrôle
  • Énergie Valero inc.
  • Flo Canada
  • Fondation Groupe Forget
  • Fondation Santa Cabrini
  • Generic Medical Partners
  • GPL Assurance
  • Green Valley Canada
  • Groupe DCB
  • Groupe Ostiguy & Gendron
  • Hénaire Danis Brunet
  • Henri Vézina
  • Laboratoire Riva
  • Laboratoires Trianon
  • Les Midis Santé
  • M3C recrutement
  • MMC Packaging
  • Oralis - Clinique dentaire
  • Orchard House
  • Orthodontie Face & Profil
  • Pasta Bella
  • PeckTech
  • Pharmacie Jean Coutu – Île-des-Sœurs
  • Portes Decko
  • Proreit Management
  • Proxiba | relations publiques
  • Purolator
  • Racine & Chamberland
  • Roche Bobois
  • RX-V Technologie
  • Salades Sensations
  • Salaisons Desco
  • Schwartz´s
  • Soniplastics
  • Struktur développement immobilier
  • Sybel dentisterie
  • VIF Télé